Day 1 with June
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Welcome to June! πŸŽ‰

We put together this quick guide to help you get started with configuring your product on day 1.

Step 1️⃣: Connect a data source to June

June needs one of the following data sources to work:

If you don't have any of these check-out this article to learn which is the best option for you.

Step 2️⃣: Track basic actions in your product

To get the most out of June we recommend tracking some basic user behaviors inside your product.

🎯 Actions to track

Events for which a user is considered "active"

Event when a user signs up

Event for when a feature is used

One event for each steps that lead to a feature being used

If you wish to go deeper into how to set up a tracking plan, read this article

Step 3️⃣: Configure your first report

Choosing metrics that matter - Not sure what to look at?

The next step is configuring your first template.

1. Pick a report from your "New Report" list

2. Pick the relevant tracking events

3. Click "Go to report", you're all set! πŸŽ‰

Step 4️⃣: Track your progress without effort

June is unique because it integrates your reports into your everyday workflow. We enable that in two ways.

1. Turn on the Slack notification on the report you just created

Open a report and click the Slack notification button on the card of the report that is most relevant to you:

> Pick a channel and the frequency

> Save it, you're done

2. Or use iFrame

Alternatively you can generate a public link of your report and embed it into any tool that support iFrame, ex: Notion:

Peek 2021-11-05 19-28.gif

Congrats you just generated and kept track of your first report!

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