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What is June?

What you'll get from June since the first session

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June is the simplest way to do product analytics fora B2B SaaS company ⚡️

We automatically generate the metrics you should be tracking

Out of the box you'll get Active Users, Power Users, New Users and Retention

We help you keep track of your goals and reach them.

We do that by integrating your metrics into your workflows. It can be a Slack bot or a Notion note.

Peek 2021-11-05 19-28.gif

We help you keep a clear picture of your main features

You can't improve what you don't measure!
Keep an eye on your north-start metric and check whether you're improving or not.

We put you in control

Last, we put you in control of your data. Whether you want to receive a pulse of your product when people interact with it, or check your user list, you can find everything you need in June.

We’re on a mission to make analytics available to everyone.

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