Product-led companies spread the user behaviour information across their workflows: from communication channels to documentation tools.

This way the entire team can have an eye on its data.

To do so June helps you receive your metrics in Slack or embed them everywhere on the web (e.g in Notion) through iframe.

1. Slack integration

June can send two different types of analysis to Slack

  1. notifications for a single track event (Slack)

  2. notifications for an entire report (Slack)

Ex: This is what the June team receives in its Slack:

  1. The report of the weekly active users every Friday. A good way to wrap up the week

  2. A notification when: a premium plan is purchased, a user invites a teammate, a new sign up. Nice way of feeling the pulse of your product

2. Embed metrics in the web through iframe

You may want to show a broader set of stakeholders a key metrics without granting them full access to June.

To do that you can hit "Share" in the top right corner of a report, copy the public link and embed it wherever you want. This way the data is always up to date.

<a href="/>

Ex: Here is how to embed an insight in Notion

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