To run analytics in June you need one of these data sources:

  • Segment

  • June SDK

  • Rudderstack

All of these imply installing an SDK in your codebase to collect useful data and the technical complexity is exactly the same. If you already have a source but don't know what to track read this article

If you don't have any of these sources and you're not sure which one is the best for you keep reading because choosing the right data source is an important decision given that, probably, you'll stick to it for some years.

Segment and Rudderstack are two of the most popular customer data platforms (CDP) that allow you to install one single SDK and send the collected data to a variety of tools.

Instead, our SDK allows you to send the data only to June and not to other vendors.

What data source is the best for you?

These are the most common scenarios:

  • A CDP ( Segment or Rudderstack) is the best option if:

    • You want to push and leverage data in many different tools

    • You're getting started with data and you're sure that in the next 1-2 years you'll use behavioral data in many places (emails, onboarding automation, in-product engagement etc)

    • You want a single source of truth on which both your product and revenue team align

    • You don't need yet the flexibility of a database to run your operations

  • June SDK is the best option if:

    • You're a medium size business and all your operations are already relying on the data from your database and the only tool you want to feed with event data is June. In this case, using our SDK will make you save money and buy only 1 tool instead of 2

    • You're super early and you don't have much cash/needs. You just want to have analytics and you don't need to send transactional emails/product tours etc.

    • Your current tracking plan is very messy and you want to start from a clean canvas without having to pay for another tool

If you think a CDP is the best option for you but you're not sure which one to pick have a look at this comparison

How to get $50k Segment credits with June

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