Event notification in Slack is a simple yet powerful way to celebrate events in real time as they occur in your product.

Where to find them

Head to your event list, then notice the "🔔 icon" on the right end side.

This is how you enable single slack notification for one track event.

How they work

You can customize the Slack message using custom fields

  • to add an email: {{contact.email}}

  • to add a trait : {{contact.traits.trait_name}}

  • to add a property : {{event.properties.property_name}}

For examples if you collect emails for your contact and an image URL for your events you may write the following notification message:

📷 {{contact.email}} just rendered {{event.properties.imageURL}}

How they feel

They feel like this:

Here are a few popular ways to use them!

Celebrate milestones

The first way most of our users use the Slack notification is to celebrate important milestones in their product when they happen.

Based on their priorities, notification can be triggered on the following events:

  • Sign up happened = if acquisition is the priority

  • Purchased a paid plan = if revenue is the priority

  • Invite a colleague = if referral is the priority

🤖 Product team, celebrate a feature launch

Two companies we love do that, Stripe and Intercom (we actually worked there).

On every new launch product teams at Stripe and Intercom create a new Slack channel called #new-feature-launch-[feature-name].

They invite the product team members that worked on the feature, and add a notification when the feature is used.

Every time a user uses a feature, Slack notifies the team. This helps the team celebrate the adoption of the newly released feature 🎉

After a few days the notification is turned off.

🐋 Sales teams, hunt wales

A common way to use Slack notifications in Sales teams is by being notified when a strategy account performed a strategy actions.

For instance

  • employee at a company of > 100 employees sign up

  • employees at a company flagged "strategic" hit a paywall

💪 Success teams, jump when needed

Success teams also like to use event Slack notifications within June to make their users more successful.

They like to know:

  • when users log in

  • when an invite is sent and an account likely yo expand

💡 Pro tips

With the June event notification for Slack, you can fully customized your message.

We recommend adding an emoji at the beginning of the message to make it stand out in Slack 🤗

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