Tracking user behavior 101

How to get started measuring user behaviour

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To get the most out of June you need to start tracking some events inside your product.

Your first events

Events or tracking events are the code you add to track the actions of your users.

Here's an example:

analytics.track("User Registered", { 
plan: "Pro Annual",
accountType: "Facebook"

If you don't know how to implement an event read:

- Our documentation if you're using the June SDK
- This article if you're using Segment

- This page if you're a Rudderstack user

Once you know how to implement an event in your product you need to decide what events to track.

The quickest way to get started is to not overthink your setup and implement the 4-5 most important events for your product.



Templates you unlock

Sign up event

An event when a user signed_up

Sign-up conversion

Slack event notifications

Core events for your product

Add an event when users open your app, like "application_opened". Or only count users active if they perform the main workflow in your product. An example for Slack could be tracking "sent_a_message"

Active Users

User Retention
Power Users

Slipping Away

Events when a feature is used

When launching new features you can add an event when users use them.

Feature Adoption

Event for milestones to celebrate

Add an event when people upgrade to a paid plan, or when they reach certain milestones in your product.

Slack event notifications

An event for each step of a workflow

If you have complex workflows, like an onboarding or a complex form add an event as each step gets completed


Any questions? Reach out in the chat and we'll help you create a tracking plan ๐Ÿค—

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