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How to setup the June Qualification Bot
How to setup the June Qualification Bot

Real-time data enrichment, powered by GPT-3. Qualify in real-time every sign up to your product, right in Slack.

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  • A June account (free)

  • A Slack account

  • Send your sign-up event and users' email to June

How to set it up

1. Go to the events section

Head to your event list, then notice the "Setup Slack alert" on the right end side.

This is how you enable single slack notification for one track event.

2. Enable the notifications "enrichment"

Customise the Slack message you'll receive with the notification.

And enable the "Enrichment" toggle on your notification.

That's it you're ready to go now!

Information enriched

From an email, June qualification bot is able to enrich the following field:

  • User

    • first and last name

    • Role

    • Linkedin profile URL

  • Company

    • Company name

    • Company website

    • Company size

    • Location

    • Funding amount

    • Crunchbase link URL

☝️ Accuracy
The qualification bot returns roughly 90% results for Company enrichment.

And roughly 55% results for User enrichment.

Our qualification bot only works well with professional emails and what it does it looks at the company and checks if there's a person on LinkedIn with a matching name

πŸ”’ GDPR & Security

The qualify bot fits into our security commitments. The bot is GDPR compliant, it does not collect private information about users without their consent. It collects information publicly available on Google. Also June is not sharing (nor selling) this data to anyone.

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