How to connect Freshpaint

Step by step guide

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Freshpaint is a CDP that allows you to collect user’s actions without code thanks to auto-tracking technology. You can connect your data from Freshpaint to June in a couple of clicks and get access to Instant Analytics.

What you'll need to do

1. Generate a token in June

Head to your June settings by clicking this URL:


Open the Freshpaint integration modal, generate a token (or use an existing one) and copy it:


2. Go to Destinations in Freshpaint

  • Click Configure June button, then click Configure button next to the API Key. Paste your API key from June in the modal and hit Save

  • Confirm that your June destination is active

June is now configured and available as a destination!

For more details check out Freshpaint's help article

Note: Repeat these steps in case you have multiple Freshpaint sources.

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