Event-based audience filters

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Filtering users and companies using traits is very quick and effective as we've seen in this article.

Still, you can go further and enforce event-based conditions in the audience section of your analytics reports.

Events as a filter

🔴 selecting events in the audience section will not interfere with the ones picked in the other sections of the setup

Instead, when you pick an event in the audience you're basically narrowing down the eligible audience of the report to the people that performed (or did not perform) some events.

For example, you may want to be looking at a funnel report only for the users that signed up in the last 30 days. Here's how you would do it in June:

1) First go in the audience section of your report setup and click on Add filter, then pick Event

2) Then select the event that you're interested in

3) Toggle the view from less than to more than and then toggle all time to in the last
and select the timerange

If you're not sure which event to pick, you can use our smart events - First event and Any event

The first one will consider the fist track event we received for a particular user. Any event will consider all the track events sent.

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