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Re-engage your users before it's too late
Re-engage your users before it's too late

Retaining is more resource efficient than acquiring

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Getting new customers takes great effort, don't waste it once you have done it!

Make sure to do everything you can to retain your users.

Before the action, you need to know who is likely to be slipping away from your product. To answer this question all you have to do is head to June and set up the Slipping Away Users (or companies) report.

This report will let know all this information at a glance.

Export the list as a CSV, upload it in your CRM and re-engage with them before in no time.

How to set up the Slipping Away report

A good setup will make sure to detect with more precision who is really at risk of churn.

Let's dive into the setup

  • Pick all the events that are triggered when someone is using the product. Ideally, these should be the events corresponding to your main features and therefore the ones triggered more frequently. If you are not sure about which are your most occurring events just use the Explorer (here is more info about it)

  • Choose the time range without actions to consider users as slipping away. A good practice is to choose for example 14 days if your product is used on a weekly basis or 7 days if used on a daily basis

  • Select a specific audience to narrow down your analysis. For example, you might want to look into only your paid users. To do so use your user or company traits

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