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My data isn't showing up in June
My data isn't showing up in June

Everything that could be going wrong if your data is not showing up in June

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One of the most important things to be able to get any value from June is to get data flowing into June.

Sometimes because of small setting errors we see users struggle getting started. This article is a step by step guide that will help you get unblocked without talking to a human.

Basic data debugging

If you connected Segment or installed our SDK and can't see your data coming in:

  1. Open the data debugger and check if your events are coming in properly or not

  2. If no events show up after 2-3 minutes that they've been triggered, check your data source to understand whether or not events are being sent to June.

    1. If you're using Segment you can check the "delivery" tab in the June destination page. This will show you if there have been any errors sending data to June.

    2. If you're using the June SDK you want to check if there are any problems with your setup. The things that usually go wrong are either the wrong API key is provided, or no network requests are being made. For instance in serverless environments you want to disable batching and async processing of events.

  3. If you're still having trouble debugging your setup, feel free to reach out in the Intercom chat

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