⚠️ Note: Mixpanel imports are one-off. You need an ongoing source of data like the June or the Segment SDK to always have the latest metrics for your product.

You can import your event data from Mixpanel to June so that you don't have to wait for weeks before there's a good amount of data from Segment to get value from your reports.

How to request a Mixpanel import

To request an import of your Amplitude event data:

  • Log into June: https://analytics.june.so

  • Click on your workspace name on the top left corner of the page

  • Go to Settings & Integrations

  • Click on the Mixpanel integration, and then click on Import data.

  • Add your Mixpanel Project ID, Service Account Username and Secret key, and select an import date range

  • Select Use Mixpanel EU servers if you're enrolled in their EU Data Residency

  • Finally, click on Save

How to find your Mixpanel Project ID, Service Account Username and Secret key

  1. Click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the page and go to Project Settings

  2. Copy the Project ID from the Project Details and paste it into the Mixpanel integration modal on June

  3. Click on Service Accounts on the left and then click on Add Service Account on the top right

  4. Select the Project Role as Owner, give a name to this service account, and click on Add

  5. Copy the service account Username and Secret key and paste them into the Mixpanel integration modal in June

That's it! We'll send you an email after importing your event data to June.

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