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Event Slack notification use cases
Event Slack notification use cases

Here are some of the amazing notification set up we're seeing.

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Event notifications are a great way to get a pulse of your product, and connect with your prospect or customers at the right moment! πŸ’—

Product, Success and Sales teams using June are coming up with amazing ideas. Here are a few notification set up that stood out.

πŸ€– Product teams

  • celebrate product milestones

    • acquisition: sign up

    • activation: core feature

    • retention: core feature used 10 times

    • referral: invite sent

    • revenue: plan purchased

  • celebrate feature adoption

    • Event when a feature is opened

πŸ’ͺ Success

  • Understand product champions

    • Understand product champions: log in event-triggered 20 times

    • upsell opportunity: feature paywall hit

    • purchase intent: pricing section visited 3 times

    • get notified when a user performs a key action for the first time.
      Here's how to do the latter (you have to add an event based filter imposing < 2 on the same event πŸ‘‡

πŸ’„ Marketing

  • Identify the source of traffic that convert:

    • a user just signed up from the blog/a paid campaign/socials

πŸ’° Sales

  • Identify the high-value leads

    • Users belong to at large company just signed up (Wales alert)

Capture d’écran 2021-10-27 aΜ€ 01.04.09.png
  • Convert free trial opportunity

    • Users interact with an upsell funnel

    • Users tried a premium features during the trial phase

  • Expansion opportunity

    • User sent more than 3 invites in the past 30 days

    • User has more than 10 log in

    • Users logged in more than 5 times last week

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