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Role-specific use cases

Everybody can (should) exploit product usage data

Updated over a week ago

Traditionally product analytics is mostly used by PMs or founders.

At June we believe that every persona can benefit from product usage data.

Here the most popular use cases for every role:

  • Founders

    • user (company) retention analysis

    • active users (companies) analysis

    • strategic event notifications

    • milestones

  • Product manager

    • feature audit analysis

    • feature retention analysis

    • power users (companies) analysis

  • Success

    • single user (company) behaviour analysis

    • slipping away users (companies) targeting

    • activation analysis

  • Sales

    • power users (companies) driven targeting

    • event notifications when users interact with paywalled features

  • Marketing

    • sign-up conversion rates of different channels

  • Engineering

    • adoption of the latest feature

This is possible because June is a plug-and-run tool that does not require expertise

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