Event notification in Slack is a simple yet powerful way to celebrate events in real time as they occur in your product.

Where to find them

Head to your event list, then notice the "Setup Slack alert" on the right end side.

This is how you enable single slack notification for one track event.

How they work

You can customize the Slack message using custom fields

  • to add an email: {{contact.email}}

  • to add a trait : {{contact.traits.trait_name}}

  • to add a property : {{event.properties.property_name}}

For examples if you collect emails for your contact and an image URL for your events you may write the following notification message:

 📷 {{contact.email}} just rendered {{event.properties.imageURL}}

You can also apply audience filters to make sure you receive notifications only about meaningful users

How they feel

They feel like this:

Here are a few popular ways to use them!

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