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How to use pageviews in June
How to use pageviews in June

everything you need to know about page views

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The page call lets you record whenever a user sees a page of your website, along with any optional properties about the page.

June is able to process page views events as part of the product usage data.

This means that if you are using the June SDK or you are tracking page views through Segment or Rudderstack, you'll be able to use them as a means to understand user behaviour.

Here's an example of how to track one with our own SDK:[category], [name], [properties], [options], [callback]);

To check whether you're receiving page view in June check out the debugger

Once you have your page views in June you can use them inside of our reports to setup some metrics.

How to use Page Views in reports

Adding a page event during a report setup will help you capture the general interaction with a certain page of your service. This is normally suggested when you don't have a particular track event to refer to or you just want to capture who visited the page.

Depending on how you track page-views you can select them in June using:
- url

- path

- title

To make it work though you need to be sure that you are actually passing these information in the payload of the page view (check it out through the debugger)

 NOTE: if you have set a "name" for a specific page, we don't support selecting that in June

Why you should mainly rely on track events?

Because track events are:

  • Specific: this means that you are able to track a particular interface interaction on your app rather than tracking a general page interaction - which is what pageview does.

  • Explicit: because by defining an event name and implementing it, you know it exists ;)

  • Granular: means that they are narrowed on a very specific action and can contain additional information - called properties - for more advanced analysis

  • Accurate: if you are tracking events in the back-end numbers will be accurate because ad-blockers won't be able to stop them as it happens for page views.

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