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What's the timezone that June uses

Updated over a week ago

The default timezone for all product analytics in June is UTC.

Changing the timezone is currently not supported in June and is not encouraged.

Why do we only support UTC?

The thing is a lot of SaaS companies, including us, use UTC as a standard because it provides a consistent point of reference for users all around the globe and decreases technical complexity.

Since we have customers from many different time zones, it's easier to stick with one universal time to keep things simple and streamlined.

We know it's not ideal for every situation, but we hope you understand the reasoning behind our choice.

We totally understand how it might seem a bit confusing, especially for users far away from UTC.

We'll be looking to add support for custom time zones in the future. We will let you know of this release in our weekly changelog.

✨ Tip: if you're using the June SDK you should be using ISO 8601 as a timestamp format. So something like: like "2012-12-02T00:31:38.208Z"

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