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User / Company Activation
User / Company Activation

A simple but effective tool for product-led companies

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The purpose of this report is to understand if users have crossed specific checkpoints in your product.

Unlike funnels, activation reports don’t have a strict order and help you optimize the broader journey.

Milestones typically include behavioural criteria as well as qualification ones.

Best practices

Most successful tech companies setup typically a few but meaningful milestones.

Either milestones until their user activate:

  • Sign up

  • Set up completed: requirement(s) needed to be able to get the value of your product

  • "Aha" moment: action(s) regarding the very core of your product

  • Activation: steps you consider essential for the beginning of the user journey

Other typical milestones are:

  • Transaction completed (when a payment was completed)

  • expansion (when a teammate was invited)

In June you can add multiple events to the same milestone and choose their relationship: both should be accomplished to complete the milestone or even only one of them.


For June these milestones are:

Mind that you can create company activation checklists as well!

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