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DAG, WAG, MAG stand for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Active Groups.

That is the unique amount of groups that are "active" within a given amount of time.

How to define Active Groups

Similar to active users, it’s important to determine what action the group must take in your business to be “active”. It’s not the same for every business.

Is a group active when one of its users logs in? Is it when a user takes a more specific action with your product?

How groups work

Groups work out of the box when set up in Segment. For more information, you can visit Segment official documentation.

Why Active groups

Similar to WAU, DAU and MAU, these metrics are used for years by B2B businesses and reflect the most basic way of measuring their account engagement.

Active groups are simple and easy to measure metrics - especially relevant for B2B SaaS.

What is a group

A Group is a way to associate individual users. Group can be company, organization, account, project, team or whatever other crazy names you came up with for the same concept.

In B2B SaaS, groups are frequently used to group users into account.

How to use the Active Groups template

To get your DAG, WAG or MAG you just need to:

  • pick the events that represent core actions users can do in the product

  • select an audience

Go the report and see who's behind the graph by clicking on it

Make your colleagues aware of how your product is performing by sending the graph in your Slack channel.

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