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Keep track of how many users you are onboarding

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Acquiring new users is one of the most exciting parts of building a SaaS product.

Track your progress with this template

How to define New Users

A new user is someone who performs an action in your product for the first time.

In most cases, this action is signing up but this is not always true.

A more flexible way to define a new user is by establishing that a user is a New User when he/she first performs any action within the product.

Why New Users

The number of new users is a good metric to understand how's your marketing doing.

Keeping track of your new users' week over week (WoW) growth is among the best practices for SaaS tools (most of YC companies look into this metric).

It will help you to set good goals for your team and evaluate the impact of initiatives such as launches.

How to use the New Users template

To get your New User you only have to pick the event that users do as soon as they sign up (pick First Event if you are not sure which one to choose).

Go to the report to see your new users!

Make your colleagues aware of how your product is performing by sending the graph to your Slack channel.

How to setup new user insights

The new users report has two valuable insights in the report:

  • Where are visitors coming from?

  • Where are signups coming from?

In order to get these insights, you need setup page views that track the "referrer" property. Here's an example:{
"name": "/pricing",
"userId": null,
"timestamp": "2024-02-08T07:56:25.772Z",
"anonymousId": "253ceb1c-748c-46d0-a659-739bf7f010ef",
"properties": {
"name": "/pricing",
"path": "/pricing",
"referrer": "",
"search": "",
"title": "June - Pricing",
"url": ""

You can setup page views by including this snippet with the June SDK, or using Segment.

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