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Remove your team members from your analyses
Remove your team members from your analyses
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Whether you an are early stage company or launched a new feature with little traction, traffic from your team members causes bias!

Here is how to remove it.

Option 1: remove people with your email domain (recommended)

The easiest way to remove your employees from your analyses is to add the following audience filter:

  • email

    • does not contain

      • your email domain

Option 2: remove manually flagged users

1. Flag your team members with a specific trait

a) Search for your team members using their email, and click on their name.

b) Click on the Add a trait button in the details section of their page.

c) Add a specific trait for them, for instance "staff" is "true"

2. Remove users with this trait from your analysis

Go to your favorite analysis

a) "Edit"

b) Audience "Add another rule"

c) "Add a rule"

d) Type the trait your just created

e) Pick "is not"

f) Pick the value you just created

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