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Auto-generated companies

All you need to know about auto-generated companies and objects

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How does it work?

June uses the email domains of your users to automatically generate companies. For this reason, auto-generated companies will work only if you're sending the email of your users as part of the identify call.

Whenever a new user signs up using a domain not previously registered in your user base, June creates a new company profile for that domain.

After that, any additional users who sign up with the same email domain are automatically associated with the newly created company profile.

Why should you care?

If you're a B2B business, tracking company-level metrics is the way to go and now you can do it without any coding involved.

  • Effortless tracking: automatically track company data without additional setup

  • More insights: gain deeper insights and learn how your companies behave in your app, from activation to retention.

Implementation and Use

Accessing Auto-Generated Companies

Where can you use auto-generated companies?

  • Reports: get every single June report at a company level too

  • People Section: you'll now be able to get metrics on each single company and customise them without any coding involved

  • Audience Segmentation: Use company information to segment your audience more effectively

  • Custom Views: Create views that highlight company-specific metrics and trends

Adding traits to auto-generated companies

You can think of traits as a way to filter in and out the users and companies you care about. For this reason, to get most out of your product analytics you need to add traits to your companies.

You can do this in two ways:
- Using our computed traits feature

In a nutshell

The introduction of Auto-Generated Company Profiles in June marks a significant step forward in providing you with a more dynamic, insightful, and user-friendly analytics tool.

This feature simplifies company data tracking and provides deeper insights into user interactions, all with minimal setup.

We encourage users to explore this new functionality and leverage it to enhance their data analytics capabilities. For any assistance or inquiries, our support team is readily available to help.


  • What if a company has a new domain or users with different domains need to be aggregated?
    You can merge companies together! Mind that this action cannot be undone and the "receiving" company, in this case, will be the only one that will keep existing and it will hold its traits

  • I already have group calls, should I enable auto-companies?
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