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Breakdown with June AI
Breakdown with June AI

How to use June AI for breaking down your data

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Drilling down into your data is crucial when your volume is starting to grow!

Here you can find the most prompts used in each type of report

  • New users

    Event property breakdown

    If your users can signup in different way and you're capturing that as property of your sign up event, you can Ask AI: "give me the breakdown on the source property of the

    signup event". To get the result below you can ask a follow up question like: "add two more columns displaying the signups in the last 7 and 30 days for each of the sources"

User trait breakdown

If you're attaching to each user information such as the role you could Ask AI: "give me

the breakdown on the company trait referral source"

  • Active users
    Among your active user you might have different "personas" using it. Ask AI: "give me the breakdown on the user trait role of the users that performed the event loaded report in the last 30 days"

  • Feature report
    Within a certain feature you might have different event properties to look into. Ask AI: "give me the breakdown for the event loaded report on the property report type. Also add the unique count of users that triggered those in the last 30 week"

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