Events are not arriving in June

I implemented the SDK and I can't see any events coming in - why?

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If you implemented the June SDK and you're not seeing any events coming into June this might be happening for a variety of reasons.

Here's a checklist of the most common problems our users face in this situation.

  1. Did you wait for 2 minutes? - June processes billions of events per month, to handle this scale we need to process events in bulk. So your events will appear in the feed after maximum two minutes.

    Check the events feed

  2. Are you running code in a serverless environment? - The June SDK was built using the Segment SDK as a starting point. This is because the team at Segment has spent years building optimisations to make sure collecting events doesn't add too much overhead to your application. One of these optimisations is batch processing and this feature needs to be disabled when running your SDKs in a serverless environment.

  3. Are you using the correct Write key? - When implementing the June SDK you need to make sure you're setting a valid write key for your SDK. Without it we won't be able to add events to your workspace.

    Double check that the write key in the June SDK settings is the same as the one in your codebase.

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