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Where are users and visitors coming from?
Where are users and visitors coming from?
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The "new users" report lets you know where your visitor and sign up are coming from.

This insight works using the page referrer (automatically generated) and by reconciling anonymous and identified users in your sign up (action required).

How it works behind the scene

Every time an anonymous user visits your website, they're automatically assigned a page property called a referrer.

The referrer is the previous page’s full URL. And so for an anonymous user that reached your website that's the website they visited before.

How to make this insight work

  1. Have a tracking script

    Whether you're using June tracking script, Segment one, or any other script, the page call lets you record whenever a user sees a page of your website, along with any optional properties about the page. By default the referrer will be tracked 🎉

  2. Make sure you sign up event sends both anonymous and identified user IDs

    In order for June to reconcile the profiles of the anonymous people that visited your website, and a signed up user, your "sign up" event should have both the anonymous and the identified user IDs attached to its properties.

    It looks like this:

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