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Exploit event properties

Go beyond simple events

Updated over a week ago

Every event is an action users can perform.

This action can have many different facets which can be recorded and exploited. How? By defining some "properties".

Properties are event attributes which could help you to carry out more granular analyses. Property values can take only one of a limited number of possible values that you define.

1. Find your existing event properties

June has two ways to help you find your existing event properties.

In your event menu

The first way is by looking into your event menu. To do so:

  1. Head to the Events section in the side navigation bar.

  2. Select the event you want to learn more about and click on it

  3. You should see all its properties ever created at the top

4. Click on values for one of those properties to see the respective occurrences

2. When you set up a template

The second way to find about properties you are already using is when you pick an event in the context of a template set up.

If you pick the "is" condition June will automatically show the existing values you have for this property, like this:

2. Adopt more event properties

If you want to adopt more event properties head to the "event" section and click "get started" in the Event tracking recommendation section:

June will make a set of tracking recommendations based on your industry. It looks like this:

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