Connect Segment to June with a token

This is a more advanced way to connect Segment to June

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The most common methods to connect Segment to June is from June. You can follow the guidelines here:

In case you don't have access to Segment, or simply prefer to connect Segment to June from Segment side, here is a guide to complete your set up.

Step 1. Go in your "Settings" > Click the "Segment" source

Step 2. Copy your token

Step 3. Share June app link and your token with your Segment admin

To help your admin enable June as a "destination" for your product data, you can share with them:

Step 4. Go on June app in Segment and click on "Configure June"

Step 5. Select the environment your events are stored in and click "confirm source"

Please pick one environment at a time to keep your records clean on June 🧽

Step 6. In the "API key" section" add your key copied in step 3

Step 7. Save and activate the app by clicking the toggle "ON"

Step 8. Let June know about the connection

When you connect Segment to June from Segment side, June is unable to detect it without your help πŸ˜‰

To fix that and prevent us from pushing you through the onboarding flow you can follow three simple steps.

1. Go to your onboarding flow

Replace your_workspace_id by the number you see when you are logged in June just after the a/.

2. Click the purple "here" hyperlink below the "add your first source

3. Fill your Segment information

You're done! πŸŽ‰

June will stop prompting you to connect Segment.

Multiple Segment environments?

If you want to use more than one environment please create another key in your June workspace and repeat the check list.

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