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Choose your analytics destination between Google Analytics, Hotjar, Amplitude, Mixpanel and Custom event.

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Welcome to June! This article is an help article for the June plugin for Figma. To get started you need to install the plug in:

We put together this quick guide to help you get started with picking your tracking solution on day 1. This ensures you create tracking event compatible with your tech stack.

πŸ€” How to find your tracking destination

If you don't know which tracking solution your company uses, you may ask to someone closer to the tracking side, typically:

  • a developer

  • a data analyst

  • a product manager.Β 

Script example:

Hey awesome colleague!

Would you know which solution we are using internally to track our user behaviors?
In particular which one we use to log user events.

thanks a million πŸ™
- YOU -Β 

😐 What if the solution you use is not in the list

June offers a pre-defined set of tracking solutions, but also a custom one to match broad cases. If this is your case you may chose "Custom event" at the end of the list.Β 

Note: Choosing "Custom event" generates an open field that allows you to enter flexible event name format.

😭 What if you don't have a tracking solution

No worries!Β 

To start we recommend using Google Tag Manager (GTM), it is free and easy to set up. Here is a tutorial to set up GTM.

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