When should you identify users?

Make sure to trigger the .identify at the right moment

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Identify calls are essential for tracking user activity in your app. Knowing when to use them ensures accurate data and better user experiences.

This article highlights the key moments when you should use identify calls.

When to Use Identify Calls

  1. Every app access: Use identify calls each time a user opens your app to maintain consistent tracking and collect real-time data.

  2. User sign-up: Implement identify calls during the initial user sign-up process to create a user profile and start tracking their activity.

  3. User information updates: Use identify calls when users update their details to keep profiles accurate, improve personalization, and stay compliant with data protection regulations.

Using identify calls at the right moments, such as during app access, sign-up, and information updates, improves user tracking and data accuracy. This leads to better understanding of user behavior, optimized app experiences, and business growth.

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