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How to Define Sign-up conversion

The conversion is the % of people who signed up to your product after visiting a certain page of your website.

To compute this rate you need:

  • a starting point (usually your home/landing page)

  • an entry point (usually an action that only people who signed up to your product can perform)

Why Sign-up conversion

Having an idea of how many people sign up to your product after looking at a certain page (landing page, blog ecc) will give you an idea of the volume you must reach to hit your goals.

You'll then learn which channel is the most efficient one and which one needs more care

How to use the Sign-up conversion template

To learn your conversion rate all you have to do is:

  • pick the pageview of your starting point (make sure you are tracking it)

  • pick your entry event (sign_up, log_in, app_opened)

Go to the report and see your Sign-up conversion!

Make your colleagues aware of how your product is performing by sending the graph in your Slack channel.

What set up do you need?

To make sure June understand how anonymous users and identified users related to each other you need to pass the anonymousId to the events triggered by the identified user, like this:

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