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If you’re building a consumer product or business software that people use regularly, you should be looking at your power users.

Here you can find a complete Playbook about Power Users with many use cases that could be useful for you.

How to define Power Users

A weekly power users curve is a chart that shows you the percentage of your weekly users who use your product 1 day a week, two days a week.. up to 7 days a week.

You can use the same logic to calculate the monthly power users curve, with the only difference that you would calculate the percentage of your monthly active users using your product N times per month.

Why Power Users

Once you know who your power users are, you should start having conversations with them. You can either send them an email or do some in-app messaging with tools like Cohere and Intercom.

When talking with them, you want to learn the main reasons for them to use your product. You might find out that these people are hacking your product in ways you didn’t expect. If this is happening, consider following your growth in this direction, there might be some valuable use cases for your users that you aren’t positioning on.

How to use the Power Users template

Once you sign up to June and connect Segment we automatically generate your Power User curve. To do so we consider active all the users that performed any of your events during the week.

If you wish you can change the setup by:

  • choosing some specific events to consider a user active

  • selecting a specific audience

Go to the result and see who is behind the graph by clicking on the chart.

Make your colleagues aware of how your product is performing by sending the graph in your Slack channel.

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