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Most engaged users & companies

Discover who loves your features

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Whatever stage your company is at you want to know who is interacting with your core product actions

How to define your most engaged users and companies (Engagement)

The definition of engagement is very simple in this template: the person or company with the highest number of interactions with a certain feature is the most engaged one. Users and companies will be ranked on the basis of this variable.

If you want to see who are the most engaged users with your whole product, use the Power Users template.

Why Most Engaged

With this template you can rank your users by engagement on a single feature of your product so you can reach out to them to understand:

  • What makes them successful with your product

  • What can you do to make them even happier

  • How you can find more people like them

Creating a relationship with your most engaged customers is a good practice that most successful companies do. In this way, you'll learn where iterations are needed the most and in which direction you should go with your new features.

How to use the Most Engaged Users / Companies report

Just pick the event corresponding to the feature you want to discover engagement for and select the audience, as simple as that.

Go to the report to see your Most Engaged Users!


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