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Prompt guidance for June AI
Prompt guidance for June AI
How to write prompts in the best way
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If you used Chat-GPT then you’ll be familiar with June AI. June AI uses prompts to answer specific questions about your data.

June AI isn’t a chat though, so the way your ask prompts is going to be extra important.

Prompt guidance ✨


  • You can start a prompt with a question ("what is the number of…") or not ("the number of…")

  • You can refer to your users as users, members, or seats

  • You can refer to companies as companies, accounts, organizations, or groups

  • You can ask for the visualisation you want in the prompt. For a:

    • List > "List the people…"

    • Number > "The total", "count"

    • Line chart > "The evolution of..."

  • If you can, be specific. Ask "how many people did the event log in (replace with the name of your event)" instead of "how many people logged in", try to be specific!

  • Some vague words can be understood, such as actions, active, log in

💡 The most common issues

9 times out of 10 when June AI doesn’t work it’s because it looks into the wrong table.

Ex: the event table (events), instead of the user one (all_user_traits) , or the company one (group_traits).

When you notice this happens refresh the page and guide the AI: …, please check-in events / all_user_traits/ group_traits

It will train June AI to pick the right table for you the next time! 👌

👉 Here you can find all the details about our Schema 👈


It won’t recognize concepts that are too abstract, like time ("how long…").
For this, there is usually a workaround. Please check the library for some inspiration.

📚 Prompt library

1. How many times in total was the event “<your event name>” triggered in the last X days?

2. How many actions per day in the last month?

3. What are the different <your trait name> values and their respective user counts for the trait <your trait name>?

4. List companies with the most users

🔴 We do not share any user data with We just share the names of your events and the names of your traits 🔴

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