What we support

June is already able to surface the total number of pageviews for each day, week and month. This is useful to understand the overall number of interactions with your pages.

In case you need more granularity we also surface the most popular pages, together with their unique count, title and URL.

We now support pageviews events in our templates

Adding a page event during a template set up will help you to get another type of informations about your user behaviour.

Together with "classic" events you will now be able to track whatever you want.

This is how you add add a page event during the set up

WHY do we mainly rely on events?

Because events are:

  • Specific

  • Explicit

  • Granular

Specific means that you are able to track a particular interface interaction on your app rather than tracking a general page interaction - which is what pageview does.

Explicit because by defining an event name and implementing it, you know it exists ;)

Granular means that they are narrowed on a very specific action and can contain additional information - called properties - for more advanced analysis.

Thanks to these characteristics events are more insightful than pageviews and this is the reason why our templates and analysis are based on them.

☝️ Note: However we are working on the implementation of pageviews to offer you the possibility of combining both tools for an overall better analysis.

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