June integrates smoothly with your existing workflows - for instance with Slack 💜

The integration currently works with the following templates

  • Active users & companies

  • Feature usage

  • Slipping away users & companies

Here is how to set it up:

1. Install the Slack integration from the settings

a) click "settings and integration"

b) then click the Slack card and click install

2. Enable the Slack notification on a report

a) Open a report and click the Slack notification in the top right corner

b) Turn on the toggle for this report

b) Pick a channel and click "save changes"

3. Enjoy infrequent updates in Slack

Active users template:

Receive updates about your active users

Feature usage template:

Learn engagement on a specific feature

💡 Note: If you don't have yet a channel created we recommend creating one called #Activity

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